Moon lunar calendar

astrology moon calendar

Just like our normal calendar, moon lunar calendar also consist of twelve months but the most important difference is that, it just consists of only 354 days only. It is strongly believed that the term “month” comes from the term “moon”. Lunar calendars are extensively used by Chinese even in this twenty first century. Even Islam followers are also using lunar calendar which is called Hijri Calendar. Islamic calendar is the only pure form of lunar calendars. Chinese will make some changes in these calendars according to their needs. A lunar calendar is actually a calendar which is based on the cycles of each lunar phase.

Most of the lunar calendars are actually lunisolar calendars. In the case of lunisolar calendars, months are placed on the lunar cycle itself, but then they further add intercalary months so as to make a rhythmic synchronization between lunar cycles and the actual solar year. Some of the examples of lunisolar calendars are Hindu calendars, Chinese calendars, and Hebrew calendars.