Deciding upon crop to be planted using lunar gardening

moon garden astrology

Man has always looked upon the heavens for assistance in gardening and farming practices. Man has always kept in mind the rain gods and the movements of sun and the moon for gardening practices. Role of rhythms of moon in gardening practices have been significant. Moon phases and moon paths are critical in determining the type of crops to be sowed and their harvest period. If the moon is waning phase, earth is inhaling so gardeners are advised to water and fertilize their crops. During waxing phase of moon, earth is exhaling so according to lunar gardening practices gardeners are advised to plant non rooted plants.

According to lunar gardening practices, if path of the moon is ascending gardeners are advised to graft and to harvest non root plants while if the moon path is descending, the sap is drawn down and gardeners are advised to plant and prune their crops. According to moon path and moon phases the lunar gardening calendar is divided into fruit days, root days, leaf days and flower days. A detailed view of lunar gardening principles can be viewed online. Free lunar gardening software are available for assisting you with lunar gardening practices.