Astrology moon sign

moon night astrology

Astrology is actually a branch of science which helps us to anticipate our future, to find out appropriate remedy for our problems etc. Even in this twenty first century, Astrological beliefs are still strong among the people. It is believed that moon has got a substantial influence in astrological science. Various studies revealed that, moon is considered as the factor that influence the birth chart of an individual and it is said that it affects the planetary alignments as well.

We all are aware about our zodiac signs and we need to understand one more thing that, moon in our zodiac sign is one of the major factor that influence and mould our original character and our mind set every day. Moon sign of a person is given due importance because of the reason that, the position of the moon at the time of one’s birth gives us the basic idea about one’s interior life. It helps us to find out an individual’s emotional feelings, desires, instincts, habits as well.