The world of Astrology and Horoscope

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This is the base of the whole astrological system that keeps the foundation of all astrological activities, including drawing an astrological chart or horoscope. It determines the destiny of man, except for the definition of karma of the past, present karma, and karma in the future. It also defines the way in which different aspects of their life such as career, love, money, health, family, etc. will emerge at different periods of life.

As a reflection of his life, people do not forget to get the horoscope or birth chart has been prepared in accordance with Vedic astrology, for a short time of birth of infants. To ensure an accurate birth chart horoscope, people provide to obtain accurate data, both in terms of the possible birth of infants. At the present time, when most births occur in hospitals, good, hard to get the exact time of birth. However, there is no problem with the place of birth.

After the astrologer receives the above information, it estimates the positions of the planets, sun, moon, and in accordance with the information provided. Currently, astrologers do so on the basis of a level system, which includes the creation of certain calculations. After this order, the astrologer draws horoscope or birth chart, which includes a mounting Zodiac and Zodiac nine planets to be placed in certain positions the twelve houses of the horoscope.

It is not necessary that all the twelve houses remain occupied, and more, of course, at least three of them are designed to remain vacant. The planets in certain houses create an impact on human life. Therefore, the astrologer asks Janam Kundali in the first place, to determine what you actually spend according to your time of birth, and thus gain causes and solutions to your problems, forecasts for the coming times, and suggestions for a better future.